Even though I did occasionally have iron and Vitamin C supplements, until very recently I didn’t really believe they’d help. After all, we’re supposed to get all our nutrition from food. But think about it. Do we really eat the right foods all the time? Of course not. We eat what’s convenient, and that happens to be loads of carbs and unhealthy fats. Do we get all the Vitamins and trace minerals so essential for the right functioning of our body from the (at least 70%) junk that we eat everyday in the name of food? Even if we were to eat healthy, nutritious salads and dressings of olive or flax seed oil and omega 3 rich fish and fruits for dessert, we still wouldn’t be able to get the right quantities of vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

What option do we have then? Supplements, of course. But be warned. Supplements are NOT a substitute to healthy eating. I’ve known a few people who continue to eat junk because they feel they have a safety net from all the supplementation. Are you kidding me??? There’s no substitute to eating healthy and taking care of the body – not just for what we put into it but also for what we don’t. Eating fried junk not only gives us no nutrition but also takes away from the body by filling it with toxins. So of course we’re slightly better off by taking those supplements than not taking them at all, but honestly, is that the goal? I hope not. That doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally indulge in some sugary, fatty treat. Of course we can, just so long as we eat the right stuff most of the time. And supplement. Then we make our immune system and the internal organs stronger to deal with the occasional binge.


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